1. Basic Features

  • Display the joint target position setting panel

2. Implementation Process

2.1 Initialize the Environment

env = RFUniverseBaseEnv()

2.2 Initialize the Robotic Arm

robot = env.LoadURDF(path=os.path.abspath("../URDF/Franka/panda.urdf"), axis="z")
robot.SetTransform(position=[0, 0, 0])
  • LoadURDF: Imports a model from a URDF file.

  • EnabledNativeIK: native_ik is a plugin. When set to false, interfaces like IKTargetDoMove cannot be used, and each joint’s position must be set manually (using setJointPosition). Conversely, when set to true, setJointPosition cannot be used to manually set positions.

2.3 Display the Joint Target Position Setting Panel