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IMU Articulated Kit

A sensor that can record 3DoF orientation of articulated kit, while providing trackable features for IR cameras.



The entire system requires several resources to operate:

  • 802.11b/g/n WLAN, 2.4GHz
  • A server running NTP that can be reached from WLAN
  • A PC to receive inerial measurement from IMU Board
  • A server for OTA to make firmware update easier

Quick Start

  • Build the IMU Board according to its design.
  • Flash the firmware into IMU Board with Some configurations should be set at this stage. #TODO
  • Connect the IMU to a local Wi-Fi network, initialize on board sensor with several commands via RFIMU Interface. #TODO
  • Setup realsense cameras, connect them to multiple realsense endpoints to avoid USB transmission bottleneck.
  • Launch realsense client on every endpoint. Then, launch realsense controller.
  • Turn on IMU Boards. Make sure the controller can see every endpoint and every IMU is UP via healthcheck commands. #TODO
  • Tape IMU Boards to articulated objects.
  • Start realsense recording and IMU recording simutaneously. Then stop when recording is completed.